£65 single oven inc hob                   £75 double oven inc hob          

£ 95 range oven inc hob             15 Mile radius / TN8         


                              Set of oven racks, pick up drop off £16.95

Trays pick up drop off £8

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Our team are all ex chefs and are professionally trained , they provide a quick, convenient and hassle-free service to give your oven, hob, extraction or fridge that long-lasting, deep clean shine.​ We use biodegradable chemicals giving you the piece of mind that your equipment is cleaned to the highest of standards.

Extraction unit £25

Single door fridge£ 40            Double door fridge£60

Words From Our Customers

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to have them return again.

Ian, The White Horse, June 2017